Nos destrozaron las radios y los televisores

Nos destrozaron las radios y los televisores

We are able to simply like dead women, for the house windows it featured naked and you can desolate, the most wonderful try the main one whoever muscles is actually safeguarded inside down, a-dead son at her breast

It destroyed all of our radios and you will television sets to depart all of us versus images, in the place of those individuals maudlin audio you to definitely lulled the prior to bed right back whenever we still thought within the teaches by coastal, within farm where Laura transmitted the lady milk products churns to the lake to get to know the brand new prince into horseback, kissing the fresh new stamping steed into lips like in Gwendolyns garden, given up as to what they titled love. They generated you spend evening learning Barthes and you will Derrida up to terms and conditions appeared undone inside our hands and absolutely nothing had more value than simply just what it have got but don’t did because if pledges together with earlier in the day was basically you to plus the exact same. Our sight beheld just grief. All of our ears read merely strident, shrieked terms. No-one desired to wake up all of us. They rejected you the latest orchards, the new cities that have pubs and you can carriages, the newest peacefulness off cemeteries, this new hearses glowing in the sunshine, minds inclined before dry and at the new time of Angelus, new enjoying as well as the drunkenness of grape compile, haylofts where people eventually offered you the naked human anatomy in addition to revelation generated all of us cry.

The Sistine Chapel is full of graffiti, the new pope might have been dragged from roadways from Rome, flogged by the boys just who the guy very loved and you will caressed

Laura was still good virgin. The lady college students not even weeping throughout the lawn. She met new staff of Thetis secured on the Lake Ouse, she traversed the latest undulating character of one’s hills from Sussex, charm immersed for the charm, up until into the Newhaven she located ocean mist, a hairy give digging into the the lady thighs, breaking this lady rather than their knowing the love she no further considered during the, neither carry out actually ever. All women expelled out-of Eden, condemned and you can abandoned, end up being prostitutes. Cannot humiliate the fresh new ashamed, stop injuring the brand new dead, never profane beauty. Towards computers screens i identify the missing identity, he could be our memories, they return for the past so you can you. Our mom, a whore who escaped our house once birthing me. She didnt such as my personal face, it wasnt telegenic, cannot promote soap, happier certainly bubbles. She didnt should ruin this lady bust. At night she emptied this lady dairy to your restroom and i also is awoken from the cravings additionally the bitter smell away from her hard nipples.

And now I identify Laura, however, she died, crucified. The girl virginity offended boys. And you will before cross it unwrapped their nude, secured during the blood in which we love girls extremely and work out all of us stop loving them. Up to it quit you within this wilderness which, out-of afar, appeared as if an enthusiastic unreal city, this new Eden where we ought to not ever keeps sensed. The brand new open floor was filled with the decaying cadavers away from angels and you will, whenever an invisible hand unsealed this new gates, we read the songs one to hears in Eden but there is certainly no one, no road to realize, nothing to remember. I experienced to help you create my personal early in the day, it facts We produce understanding its not certain as certainty doesnt occur. I create Laura and you can she flees. Destined to imagination, cursed because of the the woman, I skip if stop regarding months may come, when dawns tend to appear inside scary darkness. I understand, due to the fact I’ve merely completed inventing it, Laura is all females, this lady pubic tresses, the woman armpits, the lady right back in which lizards repose, this lady empty stare where sunshine sleeps. When i go back to the world, am i going to remember this tale? Am i going to remember the person who are mommy, the fresh violated girl, the required woman, this new air out-of charm which now rejects me for all time? The brand new threatening beginning regarding Genesis, its evil vegetation?